May 21, 2016
Darko Constructions S.A.E is now TRACE CERTIFIED

Darko Constructions S.A.E has completed a comprehensive background review and its now TRACE CERTIFIED. TRACE Recognized as an Internationally Anti-Bribery Compliance Solutions Organization Working with Companies to Raise Anti-Bribery Compliance Standards Worldwide.

Darko has been awarded the design and build of the new branch of EMIRATES NBD in Hurghada, Stay Tuned!
Darko has been working in a new serious of branches of Audi bank which will be opened by the end of the current year, Water Way, Zamalek and Down Town Branches. More is coming!
We have been honored by the visit of Eng. Mehelab at Darko site in Salloum Madrouh as he was pleased with the project quality and progress.